Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Garmin Edge Test Ride

Not the first use of my new Garmin Edge but first upload to the Garmin Connect site to review details and maps. It's going to be great as logging proof for Audax rides and useful if i miss the route as well. I need to see how long the battery lasts on one charge but for Audax rides my SON hub and Pedalpower+ should mean I will be OK for power without having to jostle for electrical sockets at checkpoints.

This was a just little pootle on some local errands. Lots of stops at traffic lights on a very windy day. The GPS position was not very accurate for first third of a mile of so then must have locked on to more satellites. Great display on the unit although I haven't decided how many data fields I actually need to be able to see on the go yet. Less is sometimes more I think!

If you click on the 'view details' link it is possible to see more info'. Here I have found an error with details on speed. The summary info' gives my maximum speed as 24.3 mph while the graph show a maximum of 30.8 mph. Knowing the route quite well and considering the weather conditions i'm quite sure the lesser speed is the more accurate on this day. I imagine it happened while the new satellites were being acquired. I haven't yet fitted the wheel/cadence sensor so when I do speed/distance should be even more accurate.

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