Thursday, 8 September 2011

Making A Statement

I picked up Dan, Heinz and Marmite secondhand on eBay the other day. One seller for all three. You really can't tell they are used though. Like new they are. Still looking for my favourite Foska 'Road Tax' top though.

If i'm going lycra it's not going to be as race team wannabee. I just don't have the body to pull it off!


  1. Why were they as new? Did the owner fail to slim down enough to wear them?

    I'd wear the tax disc one. After 30/08/2012 it'll be really annoying to some motorists who'll probably write to the local police demanding you are fined for displaying an out of date disc.

  2. I ordered #saveacyclist jersey from

    Not cheap but some money goes to Cyclist Defence Fund charity