Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Four Wheels Good, Two Wheels Better?

For all those not familiar with Orwell's great allegory - Animal Farm - I am happy to misquote. Surely if two wheels are good having more of them must actually be better? And what exactly is a four wheeled, pedal driven bike called? a Quadricycle, Quadracycle, Quadcycle, Quadrucycle, Quadrocycle, Quacycle, Quike or Quad-bike? Answers very welcome.

Clifton Tower, York


  1. Mark

    Uhmm? Doesn't really do it for me. Go-Karts are either motorised high speed racing machines or soap box and pram wheel lash ups for going down hill with gravity assistance IMO. This is neither.

    Anyone else?

  2. About 15 years ago there was a lot of publicity on TV and radio for 4 wheel cycles called The Brox, made by a man from the Manchester area.

    Of course, they never caught on in the way he hoped, which was as local delivery vehicles.

    However, I did get the chance to ride one a few times and at that time I was hyper-fit and winning the odd cross country MTB race. Even so I found the Brox hard work when it was loaded with cargo and I didn't like the low down riding position which reminded me of a Sinclair C5.

  3. Pete

    This is very interesting. They are still around. Here is a picture. But it is a Brox...what?

  4. I've googled and found out that the Brox was made by Rob Brock, who apparently died a couple of years ago.

  5. Quadracycle is a 4 wheeled bike, but I think Marks right in this case!

    Of course back to the Orwellian quote...three wheels can be better :>D

  6. Whilst I was studying in York I worked for this company

    The fleet is tricycle-based, though it used to be quads... So it was rather strange seeing this picture, of a quad by Clifford's Tower!