Friday, 2 September 2011

Travels With A Daughter

This week I have been cycling with my daughter. We went on a return trip from Salford to Radcliffe along part of cycle route 6, through Prestwich Forest Park - an 'Urban Woodland' redeveloped industrial area now with lots of mountain bike trails - before crossing the M60 Motorway onto an old rail line called the Outwood Trail.

I know she has a great time on her tagalong but I don't get to see her face much while we are chatting on the go. I thought I'd use my bullet cam to catch some of her expressions. I liked them so much I made a little film. This shows an (edited) outward section from Prestwich to Radcliffe.


  1. Just wish I had got a tagalong when my daughter was this age; she won't go near a bike now :( but what a great vid :)

  2. Thanks for the really nice comments guys. Nice to know other people like the vid as well although i'm sure it's partly due to my daughters angelic face and blonde locks. Believe me though, she can be a little devil too!

  3. Ah. That's awesome. You can really see how much a kid will look around them when travelling at bike speeds. Its so much more immersive than a car trip.


  4. Andy

    A published author and LEL finisher visiting my little site. I am honoured.

    P.S. Will you sign my copy of ...Barring Mechanicals one day please?

  5. Mum and Dad

    Glad you like it. But is a two word comment all i'm going to get? With all the free time you now have on your hands you could leave a slightly longer one I can show your granddaughter. Thanks in advance!