Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Car Parks For Cars

Car parking secondary to bicycle stands at PC World (Bury). Ridiculous!
A recent trip to the local personal computer emporium in Bury resulted in somewhat of a shock. There were seven (SEVEN!), more than adequate, bicycle stands just outside the store entrance, while the far more numerous motorists were forced to leave their vehicles somewhat further away and walk across the car park to the store. Further, motorists were actually obliged to pay for the right to leave their vehicle while sweaty bicyclists were given free use of the stands.

Now it is certainly not fair to lay the blame only at the door of PC World for this miserable state of affairs as the car park is not run by them. Yet it is obviously a ridiculous situation and still the store seems willing to tolerate, nay even sanction it. Who actually buys the majority of their products? Not bicyclists I'm sure. Their trade comes from motorists and motorists who might need to carry heavy things from the store to their vehicles to boot. Surely it makes sense to have as much car parking as possible right outside the store?

As you are no doubt aware, I am not running an anti-motorist campaign but one where the rights and needs of the poor downtrodden motorist must be placed in dominance to all others. I therefore call on PC World (Bury) to move to end this car park unfairness. Motorists must take precedence over lesser road users.

Please sign my petition to have the store ask the car park operators to remove these bicycle stands and use the resulting space for more car parking instead. I would also be grateful if you would forward the link to anyone you think might be interested in signing my petition.

Thank you

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