Thursday, 10 March 2011

Horses For Courses

Just look at these three fools, riding horses none the less, blatantly jumping the red lights. Such a dangerous thing to do and typical of non motorists. They should all be registered and have to carry number plates, pay "Road Tax" and at least have third party insurance. Why are horses even allowed on the roads anyway? They pollute the environment with noxious emissions, hold up law abiding motorists and damage the road surface with big heavy hooves. Disgraceful!

It is interesting to note here how all the motorists patiently wait and let them progress on their law-breaking antics without beeping horns or driving at them to give them a justified warning. Truly, car drivers are the 'Knights of the Road'. Anyway, horses are really only good for sport or glue and should be kept off the highway so innocent motorists are not inconvenienced in such a manner.

Just more proof (if needed) I am not waging an anti-motorist campaign.

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