Wednesday, 30 March 2011

A Reformed Character?

I see a word from the police has had the expected effect on this driver. Expected by me anyway - i.e. not very  much at all. 

Of course it may be a different driver but it is definitely the same Audi as piloted by The Sniggering Driver.

Here the driver accelerates hard into a 20 mph limited area. An area heavy with pedestrians and which is a no through route for private vehicles.

Maybe the police could add it to their intelligence file if I ask them nicely?

Better stop now as I don't want to come across all 'anti-motorist'!


  1. I think if we fit some nice butterfly clips to your helmet, not only your daughter will love it, but no police officers would ever say you're a rebel anti-motorist... you'd be wearing butterflies in your helmet!!!! :D what do you think?! Good idea, yea?! :D x

  2. LC

    I'm going to try it tomorrow. Expect a post on accessorising a helmet soon. I may even submit it to Manchester Cycle Chic!