Monday, 14 March 2011

Cyclists. Know Your Place

Having admitted being an anti-motorist campaigner (reformed) and now understanding I should count my lucky stars I am even allowed to use the road, I feel it is only right I now try and persuade other cyclists how wrong they are to criticise and berate motorists. Remember we are using their road space and we can only continue to do so if we know our correct place and act in a manner befitting our lowly status. Here are three examples of how cyclists can and do annoy motorists. Please remember guys - when you act like this you give all cyclists a bad name.

Example One
Here we have a cyclist who does not give way to a bus despite it being in a Bus Lane. He then has the temerity to discuss this with the bus driver causing further delay to the hard working driver and his passengers. Really sir. You should hang your head in shame.
Example Two
This cyclist feel he has the right to suggest to a motorist he stop using a mobile phone while at the wheel of his van. He obviously does not realise the driver is stationery so that makes it OK. The driver is forced into retaliating by the cyclists very unreasonable attitude. Cyclists should pay attention to staying in the cycle lane/gutter and leave motorists to get on with using the roads properly. 
Example Three
A cyclist goes to extreme measures passing stationery/slowed traffic to annoy the motorists - filming his antics and posting them on YouTube in an obvious attempt to 'thumb his nose' at the those who actually pay for the roads. He should just join the queue and wait his turn. No wonder motorists don't like cyclists when they have to put up with this disrespect and pushing in. 
I hope all you cyclists out there have now learned a valuable lesson and will now only use the roads knowing your correct and lowly place in the highway hierarchy. 

Here endeth any lessons. Thank you.


  1. Anyone got any photos of how they mount a camera to a cycle helmet?
    I have purchased a cheap one from ebay and currently the mount is taking video of the ceiling

  2. @steve

    I have written a post about my cycle cam with pics here.