Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A Critical Incident

So moving on from the previous inspiring story of courage to this sorry tale. The BBC reports:
A car has ploughed through cyclists staging a demonstration in Port Alegre, hitting at least 20 people.
The incident happened on Friday, when riders in the town were taking part in their monthly protest against the number of cars on Brazil's roads.
Of those hurt, nine needed hospital treatment. All were later discharged.
The driver, 47-year-old Ricardo Neis, alleges that he and his 15-year-old son felt threatened when protesters began to hit and kick his car.
Makes you think twice about attending a Critical Mass. Glad no one was seriously hurt. Usual anti-cyclist comments on the YouTube video comments. Don't you just love your fellow man?


  1. So, because Mr Neis (not very nice) felt so threatened, he drove through the cyclists at speed colliding a large number, then he apparently decided to dump his car and remove the number plates.

    Why am I not convinced by what I've heard of his account? Is it because as a cyclist, I have been subjected to aggression, intimidation and bullying by drivers? Possibly. When I am driving, I never feel the need to hoot or intimidate cyclists and I take considerable care not approach them too closely, or pass at too high a speed. So why do others do these things? I suspect they are neither very nice nor intelligent people. They are also crap drivers.

  2. @amoeba
    Well said. Just bullies who feel they have some inalienable right to the road above all others. And like all bullies take away their power and they are cowards behind the metal.