Friday, 4 March 2011

The Sniggering Driver - update

Note @ 22.00hrs
Some of my descriptive language in this and the original post has been changed. Advice I have sought makes it clear I could be prosecuted under section 5 of Public Order Act for "...any writing sign or other visible representation which is threatening or abusive or insulting...".
I cannot say any more about this at the present time as I am waiting for a senior Police Officer to contact me and think it would wise to hold my tongue for the moment.
I am sorry if any one has taken offence at language so used in this post and wish to apologise unreservedly for any distress it may have caused. 
Thank you for your understanding. 
End Note 

Just had a brief chat, for that is all it was, with a Police Officer about this miscreant and I have to say I am disappointed and relieved in equal measure. 

I explained the incident and showed her the footage. She did not seen particularly enthused by the details and explained she would visit him and give a verbal warning. I asked if there were not any grounds for prosecution and was informed that would require a calibrated camera. While accepting that on the speed issue I queried about the other offences and was told it was Great Manchester Police policy to issue warnings and create an 'intelligence file' for this kind of complaint.

So I am disappointed it is likely to end there but relieved I will not have to go to court and give up my time. Maybe this careless driver will take heed but somehow I doubt it. I wonder what it takes to get prosecuted for this kind of driving? I know it is easy to target speeding drivers (and rightly so) but it seems a little out of balance that someone might get points for doing a few MPH above the limit and this imbecile gets away with some words of caution only. 


  1. I can where your feelings are coming from...

    What do the Police do with this Intelligence File?

    How thick does the file get before they go further?

    I guess the main thing is, nobody got hurt, but then it's partly because of people acting like that behind the wheel that places can feel so dangerous.

    It's probably because of spending more time building up 'intelligence', and less spent applying the law that driving standards are so lousy :>/

  2. A calibrated camera?! Utter poppycock! That's code for we can't be bothered!

    Interesting how the roadsafe police in London have a completely different attitude towards helmet camera footage, actively encouraging it!