Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The Sniggering Driver

What do you get when you cross a busy road, a pedestrian crossing, a driver in an Audi racing a rider on a quad bike and a helmet cam? Hopefully a few points at least.

I love the look on the drivers face when he realises the camera I am referring to is actually pointing at him. Do you think they are a little sheepish as they pull away? Will see what the local police make of it.


  1. Heheh velly funny as he tries to hide behind the b pillar. All that rushing for a red light eh?

  2. @ian

    What was even more outrageous, apart from the speed, was overtaking slowing traffic on the opposing lane, through a pedestrian crossing in a busy residential and commercial area with schools nearby at three in the afternoon.

    I have an interview scheduled with a police officer for Friday AM so will see how they view it. I have told them I will happily go to court if needed.

    In my job I have seen too many incidents caused by these kinds of prats to let it go.

  3. I was so startled by the speed of the vehicle, I didn't notice that the overtake was through the pedestrian crossing.

    And these are obviously minor details in relation to the recklessness, but note also the defective brake light, and the ASL abuse.

  4. In my job I have seen too many incidents caused by these kinds of prats to let it go.

    Can imagine - not nice.

    The sad thing is, a lot of people think that despite the obvious danger, anything other than getting away with it is an infringement on their liberties - a bit short sighted of them, considering that having the error of their ways pointed out to them might actually save their life one day.

    Hope something positive comes out of it.

  5. This prat does need some sort of comeuppance otherwise he will send someone to hospital, and sadly the someone is more likely to be a pedestrian or cyclist than himself.

    This still picture shows him overtaking at a pedestrian crossing, driving over the zig-zags, and driving over a hashed area - I think these are all endorsable offences.

    Your video proves that he was driving the vehicle when the offences were committed.
    A police officer can also try to estimate his speed using the video - if it is 200% of the speed limit then it doesn't matter that your camera isn't type approved, the police can try to prosecute him for speeding too.

    If PC Plod cannot act with this information then there's no hope for our roads or society.

    I suggest you ask to be kept informed of any police action - to reassure you that the police will not tolerate this behaviour.
    Also mention that you reserve your right to take this to the press but will not publicise this if/while the police actively pursue the matter.

    Worth mentioning to Martin Porter QC at some point too.