Friday, 11 March 2011

My Apologies To Motorists

Having been accused of running an anti-motorist campaign recently, I have been at first very upset, then confused and finally very reflective this week. I felt wronged by this accusation but being a modern man, in touch with my feelings, and willing to learn from my mistakes I have examined why someone might consider I am running such a campaign. 

The conclusion I reach is that I must enter a cyclist-centric state of mind when videoing on the bike, posting any 'close encounters' on YouTube and writing my blog. So despite gaining my driving licence (at the first attempt) 27 years ago, being an Advanced Motorist (IAM) of many years and holding a full motorbike licence (again at the first attempt) it must be when I am on my push-bicycle or writing about cycling I enter a minority mindset and so subconsciously take on other characteristics of such a minority - namely; fear, blame, anger, a feeling of not being important enough to matter as well as having a general sense of being hunted. I probably even go looking for trouble if I am honest.

I now realise how wrong I have been. Having admitted this I feel somehow liberated and energised. I need to shout what I am out loud and seek forgiveness.


It is only right I now show some remorse, do some kind of penance and demonstrate how, as a lowly cyclist, I inconvenience and generally cause nuisance to motorists. What better way than using my own video evidence over the last few days to incriminate myself.

Exhibit One
The poor BMW driver is forced into overtaking closely by my inconsiderate road positioning. I was obviously not paying attention and should have given her more room to pass as she was so busy concentrating on using her mobile phone (just visible to the camera at 32' but very clear to me). I am sorry for getting in your way.
Exhibit Two 
The driver kindly waits for me to make my intentions known. I normally would have moved out to primary before the turn so no motorist is inconvenienced and lulled into performing a 'left hook', but here the driver has rightly kept me in my correct kerbside place and I did not slow down enough to allow them to make a safe turn. Thanks for stopping. I really am sorry.
Exhibit Three 
The driver of the little red job is delayed by my use of primary here. I was doing my best 18mph up a slight incline and against a headwind but still he is fully is justified demonstrating just how annoyed he is by sounding his horn and waving at me to get over to the kerb.
I am at a loss what to do on this stretch of road. I have cycled in secondary along here before and lulled a BMW driver using a mobile into overtaking me closely. I thought if I made myself as visible as possible then motorists would have more chance to see me and avoid me. This strategy obviously inconveniences some drivers too much. What to do?
Anyway, I almost caught up with him (in the lane he decided to be in eventually) and was about to find out how I could improve my cycling when the black Vauxhall rightly took the road in front of me and so the opportunity was lost. Shame that!
Dear motorists I am so, so sorry. Please can you forgive me?

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