Saturday, 5 March 2011

Manchester Cargo Bike Again

Came across the Manchester Cargo Bike again yesterday. I was on my way to work and the cyclist + passengers were waiting at red traffic lights so the resulting chat was short. It transpires the bike was imported from Copenhagen and is the only one in Manchester - the only one of its type anyway as it is an...electric bike.

It was lovely to see it on the streets of Prestwich/Salford. Somehow I don't see them replacing a vast number of cars on UK roads (not without the infrastructure at least) but I think there are going to be more variations on the eBike and cargobike themes around in the future. This lady obviously found it very useful having the electric assist on the local hills with her two kids on board. She has also gone to the trouble of importing the bike and makes regular use of it around the locale. Far more environmentally friendly than using a car for local trips me thinks.

I would love to know some more details about its practicalities, cost to run and maintain, and the reactions it creates. So, Electric Bike Lady, if you are reading this I would love to have a longer chat. You can me email via my profile page. Hope to speak again.


  1. The thing that strikes me about your video is how approachable people are when they are on bikes, instead of being inside the metal box of a car. The urban environment seems more... civilized.

  2. I spoke to a lady in central London who was riding a Christiana tricycle. She was very friendly and was most enthusiastic about it.

  3. yes that is me on the video!glad you like the bike,.had it since December and it has changed my life.used to walk 30 minutes to school with a triple it is 12 minutes!there is actually a baby in the bike too in her car seat!so nice having the bike.will be great for family cycles in the summer.its fun as so many people chatting to me on the streets finding out all about the bike

  4. Question for 'Electric Bike Lady' - I think these are amazing! Where can I get one? Are you selling them in Manchester?? :)

  5. Adam and Deborah

    I will pass on your question to Candida AKA the Electric Bike Lady.

    If you wish a personal reply you will have to email me via my profile page at the top right of the blog.

    Thanks for visiting

  6. Hi,

    I came across this entry and am still seriously considering buying a nihola trike for the school run in south manchester... just one thing is a bit of a worry and thats the width of the bike possibly compromising safety or causing traffic jams behind... I wonder if the 'Electric bike lady' or anybody else reading this has a view that could help persuade us?