Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Cycle Security

Question: Choose the most secure method to secure a bicycle to a standard Sheffield Stand from the three examples given. Please state your reasons. You have five minutes.*

*Apologies to Cycle A2B for borrowing a great idea.


  1. 1 As it the set up i use when i go to the supermarket - Depressingly if I leave the bike longer than that a long chain goes through the back wheel and frame

  2. Just to be awkward, none of the above!

    My main bike devoid of quick-releases so I just loop a cable around the stand, and secure it's loop through the Dutch rear wheel lock (like yours in option 1).

    If I'm just popping in somewhere briefly I just use the wheel lock.

    That said, my bike isn't as posh as yours Darryl!

  3. It is amazing how many people seem to fail to grasp that certain parts of a bike can be removed, easily. I saw a step through earlier which was locked by its solitary downtube. Not hard to steak that one.

    Personally on the DL-1, I use a new York lock through the rear wheel, seat-tube and stand, with a cable through the front wheel, saddle and rack, ending up inside the rear wheel-lock.

  4. I will award pass marks to you all. You have each been able to demonstrate the fundamental aspects required to secure a bicycle.

    Steve achieved 100% for actually using the examples given and choosing the correct one. Excellent answer.

    Ian would have achieved 80% but was marked down 10% for his display of poshism and a further 5% for being cheeky so ended with 65%. A respectable pass mark but could do better!

    MrC achieved 85% for his clear demonstration of a suitable alternative to example 1. Well done.

  5. Example 4: Fold up your Brompton and stick it under the table.

  6. @Jim
    This question focused on cycle security using locks. Of course if you wish to cheat and use a folding bike that is your choice but us real cyclists have to use something solid and fixed. An 'Example 4' was not therefore provided. ;-)