Saturday, 14 August 2010

I Am Not A Mamil

From the BBC article
I have read several articles recently about middle aged men donning lycra and buying a flash, race ready, carbon, race bike instead of a flash, expensive impractical car as part of middle age crisis thing - the so called Mamils (Middle Aged Men In Lycra). These stories all seem to stem from some recent research by Mintel.

I would just like to point out my bike is a Touring bike and has no carbon components, I do wear Chamois pants but only under some baggies and my tops are all breathable walking tops from Berghaus. I would never want to subject anyone to seeing me in skin tight lycra! And while I did justify getting the bike instead of a car, that car was going to be a little run around mainly for my wife who now instead has primary use of our very practical but hardly exciting 2.0 TDCI Ford Focus C-Max.

I am middle aged but my cycling is no crisis. Now how do I get to Mont Ventoux!