Monday, 31 October 2011

Exercise, Endorphins and Ennui

Monument Valley, Arizona and Utah
Back at the weekend from a holiday in Spain. Pleasant weather, time with family, nice food, no alarm clocks. Was a little sad yesterday and maybe even a tad depressed. Not because I was no longer on holiday but simply because I hadn't managed a bicycle ride for nine days. Realised I was really missing the exercise induced endorphins and the buzz of a good, fast, sweeping decent or two. Can never let this happen again. What am I going to do on my five week long motorhome tour of the American South West next year?

Monday, 10 October 2011

Cycle Video Day 2011

A fellow blogger and cyclecammer in Glasgow called Magantom recently suggested a project to get as much cycle cam footage filmed on one day posted online to " the numbers of cyclists that are recording rides and...what it is like for all of us on a single day". Below is my contribution to the resulting Cycle Video Day 2011 and this is a list of all the other videos.

An edited film of my four mile commute home after a night shift at about 08.00hrs. Most of the time I am going against the main traffic flow until I join it for a section just before the end. Weather windy, no incidents of note, pleasure factor 5/10. I had planned to go for a fun ride later in the afternoon as well but tiredness and heavy rain put a stop to that!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Bicycling Breakthrough

A proud Dad (and Mum) announce their one and only Golden Child can now officially (and with ease) ride her biycle without stabilizers and not only that but can also start and stop by herself. She will be getting a new, bigger, lighter, geared bike for Chrimbo'. Well done Golden Child!