Monday, 23 April 2012

Mind The Gap

Back to Blighty after my USA hols. Had a really great time but did miss my cycling, especially when I saw some of the MTB trails is Canyonlands, Utah. Still, at least I can get out on my bikes again and boy do I need it. Five weeks of not cycling + holiday eating and drinking and I have put 5 kg on!!

MTBing the Schaffer Trail. Canyonlands, Utah
Not much has changed in my time away although the tree blossom is out and the days are noticeably longer. Some news on the cycling infrastructure locally though. The Woolfold Gap project has been completed and has an official opening at 10.30 hrs on Monday 7 May. The project is part of a Sustrans backed scheme to add a bridge into the Kirklees trail between Bury and Tottington which also forms part of National Cycle Route 6. 

It is a drop in the ocean as far as I'm concerned but it will be a pleasant alternative to the busy roads in this area and should make cycle commuting between Tottington and Bury a viable alternative for local residents. I'll be going to the opening ceremony and hope to see some other like minded Manchester cyclists there as well.

Woolfold Gap Bridge, Bury