Map and log of visits to the 402 British Cycle Quest checkpoints
Distance: 377 miles // Trips: 7 // Checkpoints: 12

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Trip Seven. 15-16/04/11
A two day mini tour with video. A 109 mile circular route from Manchester via Haworth and then Newchurch in Pendle.  



Trip Six. 23/02/11
A chance to collect the Oxford checkpoint while there teaching. Just a 7 mile trip from hotel to hospital with a slight diversion. Almost felt I was cheating!

Rhodes House
Trip Five. 11/02/11
A 83 mile linear route from north Manchester to Hengoed in Wales via Great Budworth, Stretton Mill and Ellesmere. Arranged to cycle to some friends in Wales for the weekend. Very nice day almost fatally ruined by a close passing lorry. Had planned route roughly and expected about 70 miles but in the end it was 83! Last 13 were very slow in fading light, light rain and the biggest hill of the journey.

Trip Four. 20/01/11
A 58.5 mile circular route from north Manchester via the Woodhead pass road and the long climb up to the transmitter at Holme Moss before returning home via Oldham. The first few miles through Manchester were through a clinging cold and wet fog but this cleared after 10 miles or so miles and the day became bright but still very cold. After unsuccessfully looking for the answer to the question at the transmitter, I took a picture to prove I had been there and then quickly dropped down into the valley. I missed the moorland road short cut to take me back to the Oldham road and so went further than I needed and arrived in Holmfirth. The cold was starting to really become a problem and I wondered about ringing my wife to collect me but decided the climb out of Holmfirth would warm me up which it did. The view looking down towards Oldham and Greenfield was very clear but the valley bottoms were shrouded in a rolling fog which I soon dropped into. The last 15 miles were again cold and wet along built up roads and included getting lost in the crap road system around Oldham. Last checkpoint I plan to do in a one day journey from and to home.

Trip Three. 25/10/10
A 41.5 mile linear non return route from my in-law's place at Stannington (nr Morpeth). First through the Northumbrian countryside to Cambo where I stopped there for a quick carbo' load and drink in the sunshine. The 18 miles to this point had been hard going on a very cold and crisp morning. There were a few hills but nothing that daunting but I think I just couldn't get my leg muscles to optimum operating temperature! I still had 22 miles to Haydon Bridge and didn't really want to carry on as my toes were numb with the cold despite Sealskinz winter socks. However, I had arranged to meet my wife there for the return trip to Manchester so I had to press on. The food, water, sunshine and rest seemed to do the trick and starting again I found to my delight there was almost 2 miles of downhill before real work was required. The second half of the trip seemed much easier and was more enjoyable; the sun was higher, the air temp up a little, the roads in  better condition and hills were...less hilly. The next checkpoint was through the village by almost a  mile and a climb all the way. Still it made the return mile a 40mph freewheel to the village pub for my transport collection. The Anchor Inn even had a real log fire and served Theakstons!

Trip Two. 13/10/10
A 30 mile partial loop and linear route from north Manchester via Bury (had to do some shopping!). Through Heywood before joining cycle route 66 along a canal tow-path to Smithy Bridge and from there a short road section to Hollingsworth Lake Visitor Centre. Had some fish and chips and a nice chat with an 80 year old cyclist out on his bike who was admiring my Rohloff gears. Went back the same way until Heywood where I headed for Simister and the Same Yet pub for a pint of bitter and pint of lemonade. A cold day but clear and sunny. Glad to have an extra top layer and long cycling pants on!

Trip One. 05/10/10 
A 48 mile loop from north Manchester. First to Styal and then onto Knutsford and home through Tatton Park, Altrincham and Trafford. Nice weather and lunch at Tatton Hall. Lovely riding through the park past the deer and free entry for cyclists. Two down and four hundred to go!