Monday, 14 January 2013

LEL Prep - Weeks 1-2

Things have not got off to a good start but, hey ho, early days yet.

My aim to cycle al least 100 miles a week (measured as an average over a month) has been dealt a blow. I set off to do a 50-60 mile ride last week on my road bike and promptly broke the ratchet in my SRAM rear gear lever within a mile of home. I spent most of the day getting a replacement sorted out. Scratch that day. Tomorrow I was due to lead a 110 mile ride for my cycle club but I've postponed that due to the current inclement weather. Bang goes more miles and also my first shot at this months imperial century ride. I'm doing a shorter ride tomorrow and have a 200k audax booked at the end of the month so hopefully I can still make my targets.

Current distance for 2013: 125 miles.


  1. Hi Darrell, Good to have you back in blogdom! Hats off to you for entering the LEL, 2 months ago I was certain that I would be too, but doubt set in just before Christmas and I simply chickened out! Good luck with the training.


  2. Hi Darrell -

    I did 821.6km of the LEL, and I was doing 45kmh into Dalkeith. I managed 722km in 57hrs, but failed. If you search 'LEL' on my blog you can pick out the training, but also the tale of woe at:

    I hope to enter the next PBP, but this year, I will be one of the motocrew 'marshalls' for the LEL.

    Without a doubt, the LEL has three levels of training. The obvious 'getting the miles in', meticulous organisation, and world-class navigation. If you can cover 400km in one stretch, then I think the LEL is possible. Tiredness and being cold/wet then become bigger issues over 5 days.

    My mistake was relying on the LEL facilities to dry clothing. In the end, this did it in for me, although the extreme weather did also knock about 50 riders out of the event.

    I hope these notes will help you avoid the same mistakes!

    All the best,


    1. Matt.

      Very interesting write up of your LEL experience. I know you have to be ready for most weather when rding an audax but it was particularly exceptional the 2009 LEL from all accounts.

      I'm certainly trying to get the miles as well as working on my kit selection and navigation practice while I attempt a pre LEL SR.

      Cheers for now.