Friday, 28 May 2010

In The News

Just had this article published in my workplace bulletin. If you have come to the site after reading it...welcome. If you know someone with an interest in Marfan Syndrome I would be very grateful if you could tell them about my site.

If you would like to sponsor me the easiest way will be via the money giving link on the left. It is not currently operational but should be soon I am promised. All the money I raise is going to the Marfan Trust and every single penny is very welcome. 

I will be 'tweeting' about my trip as I go so if you want to follow me click on my twitter feed. I will also make the twitter gadget larger and centre page on the blog for the duration of the trip so it can be read here easily too.

As the route passes near Manchester, if anyone want to join me for a section please drop me an email. I will be leaving Whaley Bridge on 04 July and intend to finish somewhere between Hebden Bridge and Colne that day. Lovely countryside if a rather hilly section. 

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