Thursday, 21 July 2011

Time For Focus

I've been having lots of fun over the last few days looking at what I can get for my money when I hit target and splurge on buy a new bike. I have scoured several cycle magazines and many cycle related websites. The bikebuilder site from Preston based company Ribble is a great find. You can choose from several Ribble frames and spec them as you want - opt for a less expensive groupset and upgrade the wheels and tyres, etc. 

This has been an education in itself and the bikes also get some brilliant reviews. I have been basing my choices around a Ribble Sportive Bianco. I like the look of the bike but would really want to test ride one before I could consider buying. As Ribble is a web based company (although they have a shop/warehouse in Preston) the chances of doing so are going to be limited to say the least.

That's the problem with buying from t'internet I suppose - you are relying on the opinions/advice of others. Or is it? Wiggle is an internet based company and I've used them a lot for various small cycle related  items. Their service is excellent and prices very competitive (I declare I have no connection to them apart from being a satisfied customer).

I was browsing through some of the bikes they offer and found I could buy one, have it delivered, test ride it for up to 30 days, return it (for free), get a full refund and then do it all over again with a different model - the 30 Day Test Ride. Brilliant! They want it back clean and with only normal wear and tear but that is the least I can do. So, I have ordered one. An Ultegra specced Focus Cayo 2.0. It should be here next week. Really quite excited.

This is purely in the interest of research you understand. I am not going to make a final decision until I have tried a few different bikes and will not make a final purchase until I hit target. But you can't be too clued up really can you?

A Focus Cayo 2.0 compact


  1. you may want to try they give a description of their products so you can then decide what you like about different bikes and other products and then make your decision!

  2. That's amazing I use Wiggle loads for clothing etc. but had no idea they offered that service for new bikes. That would make a massive difference to whether I would buy a bike on line or not. I would still try and buy it from my local bike shop though as they give fantastic service and as longs they weren't HUGELY more expensive I would use them.